Kokkies Catering

Grab & Go

Lunch menu week 39 Grab & Go


  • Homemade mustard potato soup
  • Brown Waldkorn sandwich with home made tuna salad and rocket
  • Sweet surprise
  • Quinoa salad with lentils, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, lime, garden peas and corn


  • Penne with creamy tomato sauce
  • Italian meatballs with pesto, capers, Parmesan cheese and sun dried tomatoes
  • Mixed green salad with tomatoes, mozzarella and pesto dressing


  • Salad Nicoisse with tuna, green beans, grilled potatoes, egg, black olives, tomatoes and vinaigrette
  • Baguette with roast beef, Ravigotte sauce, and salad


  • Chicken gyros with red paprika and white cabbage
  • Turkish bread and tzatziki
  • Cucumber salad with tomatoes, feta cheese and chives


  • Chicken yakatori skewers with sweet and sour sauce and spring onions
  • Healthy green soup
  • Tabbouleh salad with mint, raisins, goat cheese and grilled paprika